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"The Last Memories Of My Youth" EP (Limited Edition)

Image of "The Last Memories Of My Youth" EP (Limited Edition)


WARNING: This EP contains explicit lyrics, therefore some songs are not suitable for kids, but not all of them.

You can order a physical copy of my EP.
It comes personally signed to YOU [specify your first name], and entirely home-made with all my love.
It countains 8 original songs.
Be fast to purchase it because it's a limited edition as it is a very personal and unique product.
[International shipping included]

Hope you like it!! Thanxx. =]

Tracks :
- Hazel song
- Stay away from boredom
- The sun is scary [featuring Sleipnir]
- Journey of ordinary life
- Mark Stain
- Tiny things
- Daddy's love*
- Sweet sixteen

*Explicit lyrics.

I also accept donations on my paypal if you think you can help me buying a new music instrument, and getting started more seriously into music. <3

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